Maddie Rooney is one of two main protaganists of the Disney Channel original comedy, Liv and Maddie She is the


twin sister of Liv Rooney. Maddie is portrayed by American actress, Dove Cameron.

Personality and AppearenceEdit

Maddie is the easy-going twin sister of Liv Rooney and the sister of Joey and Parker Rooney. She is very athletic and considers herself an athlete. She also seems to have a temper. She is very close to her sister and considers her her best friend. Maddie has brown eyes, straight, dirty blonde hair that's usually tucked in a ponytail and fair, light skin.


  • She has two pairs of glasses, a purple pair and a green pair.
  • She plays with the charm on the charm bracelet Liv gave her when she's nervous.
  • She has a crush on a boy named Diggy.
  • She's on her school's basketball team.
  • Maddie's clothes are usually very simple and plain, such as solid colored tees and tank tops, sweatpants and plain jeans, and plain sneakers.
  • She can't walk in high heels and is very clumsy when she tries to walk in them.
  • Maddie's favorite local resturant is "The Hoosegow", an Old West-themed steak and rib house.
  • Maddie and the rest of the Rooney family live in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.