Mabel pines by sircinnamon-d5hq8ux
Mabel Pines is one of two main protaginists of the Disney Channel animated series Gravity Falls. Mabel is known for wearing various homemade sweaters with designs. She is shown to love sparkles and glitter. Mabel is voiced by American voice actress Kristen Schaal.

Personality and Appearence

Mabel is shown to be a creative, enerjetic, and eccentric girl. She spends most of her time with her brother Dipper and shares a special bond with him. Her best friends are Candy and Grenda, two girls she met at The Mystery Shack in the episode "Double Dipper". She is also good friends with Soos, a volunteer who works for Grunkle Stan at The Mystery Shack. Mabel enjoys solving Gravity Falls' mysteries with Dipper and likes being right. Mabel appears to have black eyes, but in the episode "The Inconviencing", her eyes are briefly green. Her first kiss was with Mermando the merman in the episode "The Deep End". In the episode "The Hand That Rocks The Mabel", Lil' Gideon Gleeful fell in love with her. Her arch rival is Pacifica Northwest and her favorite boy band is Sev'ral Times, as revealed in the episode "Boyz Crazy". Mabel has long brown hair with bumpy ends, rosy cheeks, braces on her teeth, and fare light skin.