Liv Rooney is one of two main protaganists of the Disney Channel original comedy, Liv and Maddie. Liv is the twin


sister of Maddie Rooney. Liv is portrayed by American actress, Dove Cameron

Personality and AppearenceEdit

Liv is the dramatic twin sister of Maddie Rooney. She tends to steal the spotlight from others, but means well and always tries to help her sister. After the television show she was on ended, Liv was offered many other television show and movie contracts, but decided it was time to come home. She is described as nosey and sparkly by her sister. Liv considers Maddie her best friend.


  • When she was younger, she snuck up on Maddie with a curling iron and tried to curl her hair.
  • According to her, she has a huge scar from when Maddie hit her with the curling iron. 
  • In Hollywood, Liv stayed with her mother's sister, Dena.
  • Liv and the rest of the Rooney family live in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
  • Liv's first public performance was at the Stevens Point town tree lighting ceremony.
  • In grade school, Liv starred as "Mandy the Muffler Girl" in a television ad for a local muffler shop in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
  • When Liv was in Hollywood, she dated a pro skateboarder named Miller White.