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Hi people of wikia! I made this wiki just to give info on Disney Channel's latest girls. Please feel free to suggest characters you would like added to this wikia, but keep in mind I might not add your suggestion if I don't want it on this wikia. Please do not feel upset if your suggestion is not added.



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  • No cursing or inappropriate comments of any kind. Keep your juvenile comments OFF of my wiki or you will be blocked.
  • Bullying and flamewars will not be tolerated.
  • Only put accurate information on this wiki.
  • Please do not delete any pages without my consent.


List of characters on this wikiEdit

Ally Dawson

Avery Jennings

Candace Flynn

CeCe Jones

Chyna Parks

Jessie Prescott

Mabel Pines

Maddie Rooney

Liv Rooney

Rocky Blue

Teddy Duncan

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