Candace Gertrude Flynn is one of three main protaganists in the animated series, Phineas and Ferb. She is the older sister of Phineas and the older half-sister of Ferb. Candace is voiced by American actress and singer, Ashley Tisdale.

Candace Flynn 6


Personality and Appearence

Candace is a feisty and determined teenage girl. She is extremely determined to "bust" her brothers and never gives up. She is a talented singer, which has been proven in various episodes. No matter how much her brothers and their inventions annoy her (which they definitely do),Candace loves her brothers very much. She has a best friend named Stacy who she talks to on the phone in various episodes. She has loved Duck Momo since she was little and owns various Ducky Momo products, such as plates, pens, purses, kneepads, and stuffed animals and even went to a Science Fiction Fantasy convention to get rare Ducky Momo collectables in one episode. Candace has orange hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. In most episodes she is seen wear a red tank top, a white skirt with a red belt, and a pair of white shoes and red socks but in a few episodes she is seen wearing a short white shirt with a red heart on it, a pair of jeans, and her usual white shoes with red socks. She has worn a white shirt that showed her belly-button, a ballgown and a swimsuit



Jeremy is Candace's boyfriend. Candace is obsessed with him, and he cares about her very much. She has even

Candace and Jeremy share their first kiss in the episode "Summer Belongs To You"

had a wax sculpture of his head, a teddy bear with his face taped on it, and painted Candace + Jeremy on her bedroom wall in previous episodes. In the episode "Nerds Of A Feather", Candace's locker was shown to have a heart that says C+J on it in a montage. They shared their first kiss in the episode "Summer Belongs To You".