Avery Jennings is one of 3 main protaganists in the television show Dog With A Blog. She is the older stepsister of

Avery in the episode "Avery's First Crush"

Chloe James and the younger stepsister of Tyler James. Avery is portrayed by American actress G. Hannelius.

Personality and AppearenceEdit

Avery is a very hardworking, driven, kind, and funny 13 year old girl who always knows what she wants. She considers her dog Stan one of her best friends and has another best friend named Lindsay whom she is very close to. She tends to shed her hair when she's nervous, as seen in the episode "Crimes of the Art". She can also be kind of selfish sometimes, as seen in the episode "Guess Who's a Cheerleader" when she chose being a cheerleader over being a good friend. She is very mature for her age, and sometimes even wears shirts with collars and ties. She is very close to her stepfather Bennett and considers him her father. Avery and her stepsiblings became very close after the first episode and plan all of their schemes together, as seen in the episodes "The Bone Identity" and "Stan-ing Guard". Avery has straight, dirty blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and fair skin


Dustin Pitt

Dustin Pitt was Avery's first crush . Avery had a really big crush on him, and even painted his name all over her art wall in "Avery's First Crush". At the end of the episode "Avery's First Crush", Dustin told Avery that he liked her and
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Avery and Dustin in the episode "Avery's First Crush"

that she was awesome and asked her to be his girlfriend. They were dating in the episode "The Truck Stops Here" and in the beginning of the episode "Avery's First Breakup". Dustin broke up with Avery in the episode "Avery's First Breakup".